QC affects almost all the business drivers listed below. Resource Modeling and Scheduling, provides a critical management tool that will be used as a foundation and efficient infrastructure for long-term strategic planning and growth.

Key Value Add by Smart-QC to Laboratories

  • Resource Capacity Planning for both analysts and instruments (per site(s) / network)
  • A fully integrated QC lab budget with Resource Planning leveraging advanced allocation methodology.
  • Detailed work centers / labs, products and tests cost
  • Automated Test Allocation and work load balancing for analysts across various labs to maximize campaigning opportunities and improve service level
  • Manage lab / analyst weekly efficiency
  • Productivity losses tracking for Lean / Six Sigma process improvement initiatives
  • Manage your Cost of quality (COQ) and identify cost enhancement opportunities (Make or Buy analysis)
  • Robust Reporting tool with powerful What If Analysis capabilities
  • Upgrade your lab visibility and overall span of control

Managing Your Labs’ Resources and Overall Efficiency