Smart-QC can address the following challenges:

  • What is the impact of volume changes, mix changes, new product introduction on the QC laboratories?
  • What is the training road map to best meet future demands?
  • What is the expected work-load based on the new schedule?
  • What is the impact of a second and third shift?
  • What percent of time does the analyst spend on admin., preparation, set-ups, calculations?
  • Which automation project has a significant ROI?
  • What is the analyst value added vs. non value added percentage?
  • What is the campaign effect on QC efficiencies?
  • Who should perform these tests ,when, in what order, and grouping?
  • What is the expected overtime / backlog this month?
  • How many tests were completed, what was my analyst’s efficiency, what was my turn-around time and schedule adherence?
  • What are my KPIs showing me?
  • What is the resource cost per product?

Track and Manage ALL Activities in the Lab