The Smart-QC Efficiency Management Module is the ultimate platform for the lean sigma team.

Efficiency Management in Smart-QC: Smart-QC enables the analyst to report delays that took place during the process (i.e., calibration issues, equipment related delays, availability of consumable, wait for technician) during / upon completion of the test or a group of tests. (i.e., campaign) Periodically, the lab management team with the process excellence representative, will review the delay reasons and their occurrences as seen in the chart below, and will determine the root causes for the top-3 delays. These delays could become one of the targeted Lean – Six Sigma initiatives to reduce the occurrences or the duration to resolve the issue. In an environment of cost reduction and constant pressure on efficiency improvements, the visibility of delays Smart-QC makes available is critical in order to make the needed changes to eliminate waste and losses. Smart-QC provides a fully configurable reasons platform to collect these events hence the process improvement team could easily identify trends and quickly put an action plan to address the top issues. The other efficiency related measure is the Analyst Efficiency. Smart-QC calculates the weekly efficiency for each analyst based on actual tests / samples completed. This functionality enables the analysts to track their own performance and receive the efficiency measure based on their past week performance at the end of the week. Smart-QC, then allows the management to see work center level efficiency or individual efficiency and together with the delays reasons, the management team could assess which tests /samples lead to highest time consumption with their analysts. Furthermore team will identify which are the most challenging tests, and which analysts may need additional training. This is powerful information that will help eliminate waste and remove undesired delays.

Cycle Time is reduced, and on-time delivery is improved over time when leveraging a more structured approach to manage your efficiency, cycle time and on-time delivery. Automated scheduling helps reduce the overall effort and optimize the campaign hold.